Introduction to Return, Refund and Dispute
5 years ago
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Customer can ask for return and refund for purchased items.

Item return is subjected to merchant return policy. Some merchant may not allow item return.

  1. For shipped item:

    • If buyer requests for item return, it will go to status pending return
  2. For pending return item:

    • if merchant agrees with the return request, it will go to status returned

    • If merchant rejects the return request, it will go to status rejected -end-.

  3. For returned item, please check out Refund.


The actual refund process is manual and not handled directly by system. After actual refund payment is done, e.g. via bank transfer or other payment method, merchant will come to system to record refund transaction and set Item or Shipping Order status to refunded -end-.

Refund can be done at item or shipping order level.

  1. For Item that is Out of Stock or QC Failed or cancelled or returned, merchant needs to do refund. When refund is done, Item status will go into refunded.

  2. For Shipping Order that is cancelled, merchant can do refund at SO level. When SO refund is done, all items in the SO, together with SO itself, will enter status refunded.


    1. For refund, system computes the suggested refund amount based on items subtotal including product level shipping surcharge, but excluding shipping fee.

    2. Merchant has to determine the final actual refund amount to pay customer.


  1. For order using Offline Payment Method, customer may make payment to the order but later merchant fails the payment verification by claiming that payment is not received at all or incomplete.

  2. Customer may insist that payment is made. In this case, the dispute has to be escalated to our Help Center.

  3. Customer can proceed to raise a ticket to our Help Center. We will investigate the issue.


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5 years ago
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