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Since you are selling your products online, you need to decide how do you want to accept payments for your orders. supports following payment methods, either online or offline, for you to choose from to pay for your orders.

  1. PayPal Express Checkout

  2. Credit Card

  3. Offline Payment Method

PayPal Express Checkout

This payment method leverages on Paypal solution and requires seller to have a merchant account with Paypal that can accept paypal payment from customers. You should be familiar with Paypal Express Checkout when using this payment method.

Credit Card

For online credit card paymet, supports Braintree as the payment gateway to process credit card transaction. The Braintree credit card solution requires seller to have a merchant account with Braintree. You should be familiar with Braintree Payments when using this payment method.

Offline Payment Method

Offline payments allow sellers to track payments made via cash, checks, bank transfers, postal orders etc, or any other means besides online payment methods such as cards, PayPal, etc. Once you have received the payment, you will have to manually record it in

Offline payments solution in is generic and you can customise it according to the your need. By default, there are 3 in-built offline payment method templates supported:


ATM/Cash Bank-in

This payment method requires buyer to make order payment by cash via ATM/Cash Bank-in. Orders made using this payment method is not confirmed until you verified that you have received the payment and confirm the order;

Cash On Delivery

This payment method allows buyers to make payment only upon receiving products.


This is a generic template for you to customise any other offline payment methods, such as postal order, at the desk etc you would like to use.



After you fill up above information and create your payment method, your payment method status will first become Offline.

A payment method with status Offline is not visible to public yet and not ready to be in used. You need to bring your payment method Online in order to accept payments online. We will cover this at other tutorial later.


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5 years ago
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