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5 years ago
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When your shop is first created, it is set with a default shop name called "My First Shop" and an initial status UNSET.

You need to configure your shop under your business context to make it a valid shop entity. A valid shop in has either status Offline or Online

Basic Shop Information

Business Category Select a business category that suits your business.

Shop Name Put your shop name here.

Shop Tagline Give your shop a tagline. It will be displayed slightly underneath your shop name.

Shop Logo Please upload your brand logo to represent your shop.

Shop Url This is your shop address. Assign a short name meaningfully represent your shop.

Business Contact

Contact Person The main contact person for any queries.

Contact No The contact number for any queries.

Email The email to receive any orders, queries and notifications.

Business Address

Specify your shop address to have your shop appeared on a map. It definitely looks good and more connected to buyers.






Locale Information

Timezone The time zone where your shop will operate in.

Language The default language used in your shop.

Currency The currency that your shop will accept.

Weight Unit The weight unit used for shipping fee calculation.



After you fill up above information and save your shop, your shop status will become Offline.

A shop with status Offline is not visible to public yet. You need to bring your shop Online in order to be publicly accessible. We will cover this at other tutorial later.


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5 years ago
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