Multiple Sales Channels

You not only sell at your shop website, but also sell at third-party marketplaces to reach out more buyers. Additionally, you can also sell on Facebook Store and Messenger. More sales channels will be added soon.

Multiple Sale Channels

Mobile Commerce

Reach out to web users including mobile users. Not only your shop storefront has in-built responsive design to support mobile, but also shop admin panel as well.

Mobile Commerce

Conversational Commerce

With the popularity of messaging apps surpass social media source, how people share and interact is fundamentally changing. Taking the advantage, messaging apps can be turned into a platform for commerce. Start your shop bot now, reaching billions of customers to know your brand and buy your products, through a unique conversational experience.

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Conversational Commerce

Facebook Store

Social reach to your customers with one click to have your shop integrated into your Facebook Page.

Facebook Store is your best partner for your eCommerce business